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In brief about the server (realm) to explain how I see it. I play a lot of WoW WotLK on private servers and I've tried a lot of it, it has excellent servers, but it has very bad, not playy, sick chat, etc. How I play every day, I decided to make my realm out of curiosity and to play solo, but where there is a charm, there is no, so I asked several people whether they would want to play a little to clearly see how it all will look and so do not mind me because I still learn about this, and it has a lot and the worst, I'm all alone. Therefore, I somehow put this server up like this:

- the server is PvP
- server XP rate is x4
- server reputation is x4
- server item drop is x2
- Qmoney server is x2
- server max flight 280% - 310%
- server with random dungeon finder option
- server with all raid instances including ICC
- server includes PvP arena
- server with active AH
- the server has anticheat protection

In short, that would be it, but this is still in some test phase, but I played a single character and I encountered only a few issues that are problematic, resolute, but I need time to solve it myself. What is important is that I did not put additional mobs and NPCs in the game, because excessive placement makes it more difficult to work, and often it can knock down the world server.

It would be very nice for me to play people and enjoy the game as I enjoy and I hope we meet.

We added heirloom vendors on each creating character spot!
We added 4 bags for each new creating character!
We made dual specializations free!
We added glyph vendors to Orgimmar and Stormwind!

Item store is open. Over 200 items, we focused on item class sets. Only registreded users can use it!
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