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The End of PrivateWoW-TopServers Journey
Dear Members, we are unfortunately to announce of shutting down PrivateWoW-TopServers toplist site.
Over 4 years we had our ups and downs.
Unfortunately we were unable to find a developer to fix and improve our toplist site.

All Presonal Data (Email, Server Name, Payment information...) will be delete by the GDPR Law.

PrivateWoW-TopServers Website/Files are on Sale.
If you want to know more information, feel free contact us on our Official PrivateWoW-TopServers discord server (

PrivateWoW-TopServers will shutdown 1.1.2020.
All Members who have "In" Votes will get Free Premium Rank until 1.1.2020.

PrivateWoW-TopServers Administrator.

Posted on: 2019-10-03 18:53:49

PrivateWoW-TopServers on Discord
Dear Members, we are happy to announce the opening of PrivateWoW-TopServers Official discord server!
Discord is popular chat platform for gamers the works on both your desktop and phone.

Joim us on Discord by clicking the link -->

PrivateWoW-TopServers Administrator.

Posted on: 2019-06-11 12:09:42

PrivateWoW-TopServers still Alive
In March, 2018 we became silent. In that time, we had Recaptcha problem.
Today finally Recaptcha problem is soloved, and we continue list all Private World of Warcraft Servers.

World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth Expansion was Initial released August 14, 2018.
I think it's time to add a new expansion (Battle for Azeroth) on list.

PrivateWoW-TopServers Administrator.

Posted on: 2019-06-09 12:27:24

Happy Holidays
On behalf of the PrivateWoW-TopServers Team, I wanted to wish all of you very happy holidays and a wonderful New Year! We hope you have enjoyed in the PrivateWoW-TopServers so far and hope you'll continue to be patient and stick around.

For Christmas we gived everyone 1 Month Free Premium Membership.

Posted on: 2017-12-26 08:23:57

PrivateWoW-TopServers Under Attack
PrivateWoW-TopServers is under DDoS attack.

It may take multiple login attempts to successfully connect to the website (
In the meantime we are also working to mitigate the effect and keep website online.

Posted on: 2017-10-16 14:31:45

Deleted Servers
Dear Users,

Today we cleaned our server list.

We find, the some servers on our list was shutdown or website was offline months.

We want provide you fair server ranking.

If you have any questions, feel free contact us.

PrivateWoW-TopServers Administrator.

Posted on: 2017-08-30 09:25:40

PrivateWoW-TopServers Update
Dear Users.

Today we released updated.

This new update giv you the most beautiful design and the best tools for you server.

- User Control Panel is re-designed.
- Premium Membership is re-designed.
- New tools for Premium users:
- Server video
- Premium Banner

And much more...

PrivateWoW-TopServers Administrator.

Posted on: 2017-07-18 15:38:54

Banner HotFix
We recently find the dimension of banner doesn't work.

In this HotFix, we fixed Banner dimension.

PrivateWoW-TopServers Administrator.

Posted on: 2017-05-26 11:44:17

PrivateWoW-TopServers TopList
Welcome to Private World Of Warcraft Top Servers list.

Register your server now! Setup free Banner, and if you are lucky maybe you get 3 month of Premium Membership.

PrivateWoW-TopServers Administrator.

Posted on: 2017-05-19 11:02:29